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Great News For Parents Of College-Bound Students…
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From:  Jan Lerner Esposito, M.A., Educational Consultant
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Dear Friend:

If you’re the parent of a college-bound student you’re probably wondering how in the world to choose the right college and how you are going to pay for it!    You have every right to be concerned since there are over 4,000 colleges and the average cost of a 4-year college education today is between $80,000-$240,000.

If you’re like most folks, you’ll probably end up mortgaging your house to the hilt, or spending your entire life’s savings to muster up enough money to send your child to college.  Or, even worse, if you don’t have a lot of home equity or money in the bank, you’ll end up sending your child to the least expensive school rather than the best college they can get into.

Either way, you’ll probably end up feeling guilty, frustrated, and angry when you have to tell your child the truth – “I just can’t afford to send you to the college of your choice, you’ll have to settle for a lesser school.” What if we told you that, in most cases, you don’t have to make these painful decisions?

Here’s The Good News…

If you’re reading this report you are probably a concerned parent and want to send your child to the best college without going broke. I know this sounds too good to be true, but it really is possible!  In fact, many of the families that use our coaching programs and implement our strategies end up receiving as much as $10,000-$26,000 primarily from FREE money sources such as scholarships and grants.

I guess you’re wondering why we’re telling you all of this?  The answer is quite simple.  We have personally helped parents like you, send their children to expensive private universities and prestigious state schools that they never thought they could afford…

…And There’s A Good Chance
We Can Do The Same For YOU!
After years of working with 100’s of college bound families, we have found that most American families will fit into one of these three financial aid categories:

Category #1 – Families that are eligible for need-based aid at most schools, either private or state.
Category #2 – Families that are eligible for need-based aid at most private universities but not at state schools.  
Category #3 – Families that are not eligible for need-based aid at any school, private or state.

Regardless of which category you’re in, we have proven strategies and planning options that help maximize your eligibility for financial aid and scholarships and help you pay for college on a tax-favored basis.

If you plan to send your child to a 4-year private university or state school, then we’d like to make you an offer you can’t refuse…

…One FREE hour of our time, worth $250.  That’s right.  We will consult with you and your student for one hour.  During your FREE no obligation consultation, you will discover which financial aid category you’re currently in and whether or not you are positioned to gain admission to the college of your choice and graduate your student with the least amount of debt.  This incredible limited offer is good for the next 21 days only.

During Your FREE $250 Consultation, We Will Also Reveal The Following “7 New Secrets To Beating The High Cost Of College”

Secret #1.  Why Some Middle-Class and Upper-Middle Class Parents Pay Close To Nothing For Their Children’s College Educations!

Most middle and upper-middle class parents automatically assume they won’t be eligible for financial aid since they make between $40,000 - $185,000 per year, and they own a home.

In most cases, these parents are eligible for financial aid since the formulas also take into consideration the number of family members, how many family members will be attending college at the same time, the cost of the colleges and universities being applied to, etc.  Don’t listen to others who say you won’t be eligible. Find out for yourself!

Here’s the secret … there are 4 types of money available: need-based aid, merit based aid, selectively discounted aid and negotiated aid.  With our coaching and guidance and by implementing our strategies, we have seen many middle and upper-middle class families pay far less than they ever imagined for their children’s college educations by planning in advance.
Secret #2.   How To Send Your Child To An Expensive Private University For The Same Cost As A State School! (This one really amazes our clients!)

Believe it or not, some private schools end up costing the same as a state school. How can this be you ask?  Let us explain…No matter what school your child applies to, you will have to pay your “Family Contribution”, which is the minimum amount of money the government will expect your family to pay at any school. So let’s say your child applies to 2 schools – 1 private university and 1 state college.  The private school costs $32,000 per year and the state school costs $12,000 per year.

Let’s assume your family contribution is calculated to be $10,000 – this is the minimum the government expects you to pay towards either school.

Here’s what happens.  Because the private university is well endowed and has a lot of money to give out, they end up offering you financial aid that will cover all expenses above $10,000 – so all you pay to go to a $32,000 a year school is $10,000.

Unfortunately, the state school does NOT have a lot of money to give out, and all they offer you is $2,000 in aid – so you end up paying the same at the state school as you would at the private university.

Secret #3.  How To Lower Your “Out-of-Pocket” Costs, And Get The Maximum Amount Of Money From Each School!  (Just like a good CPA can minimize your tax liability, a college funding specialist can show you how to set up your financial situation in the most favorable terms legally allowable!)

Certain assets are counted much more heavily in the financial aid formulas than others.  Where you keep your money could mean the difference between getting $1000’s in financial aid or getting nothing.  If you don’t know how to legally and ethically position your money properly for purposes of financial aid, you could end up losing thousands in financial aid that you could have been eligible for.

Secret #4.  How To Pick Colleges That Will Give You The Best Financial Aid Packages – More FREE Money, Less Loans!  (Why waste your time applying to schools that will never give you the money you need?)

Some schools are well endowed and have the ability to award a lot of money to students.  Other schools have very little money to give away. It’s important for you to know this information before you ever apply to a school. By knowing, in advance, which schools give the best financial aid packages, you can have your child pick schools that they have the best shot of getting money from. This way, they don’t waste time and money applying to and visiting schools they will never be able to afford.

Secret #5.  How To Locate and Apply For Every “Need-Based” Scholarship, Grant, and Low-Interest Loan That Your Child May Be Eligible For!

Leave no stone unturned when searching for money for college.  Be sure to apply for all “need-based” sources of funding through the Federal government, the state you live in, and the colleges and universities your child is applying to.  Most of these financial aid programs can be applied for by simply filling out the Federal form (the FAFSA) and, in some cases, the Institutional Form (the CSS Profile).

Secret #6.  How To Fill Out The Complicated Financial Aid Forms Accurately and On-Time!  Over 90% Go In With Errors!  (If this happens, you will lose most or all of your eligibility for financial aid!)

Did you know that according to the Department of Education, over 90% of all financial aid forms go in with errors or inconsistencies? Simple mistakes like omitting a social security number, using whiteout to make corrections and not registering a male student for the selective service can actually “bump” a form. If this happens, you will have to reprocess your financial aid forms, which could take another 4-6 weeks.

Since financial aid is awarded on a first come, first served basis, it is imperative that you get your forms in accurately and on time, or you will miss out on thousands in financial aid that you would have been eligible for.

Secret #7.  How To Uncover All Types Of Aid That Your Child May Be Eligible For!

Don’t leave money on the table! Just like a good CPA can help you lower your tax liability, a good college consultant can help you get more money for your child’s college education.  But before you pick a consultant, make sure they offer the following services:
(1) Help you arrange your income and assets to lower your “out-of-pocket” costs and                     increase your eligibility for college aid;
(2) Help you pick schools that you have the best shot of getting money from;
(3) Help you fill out the 2 major financial aid forms so they go in accurately and on time; and
(4) Help you negotiate with schools to get the best possible aid package.

Not taking advantage of our FREE consultation or any of these “7 Secrets” could literally cost you $1000’s in lost financial aid that you may be eligible to receive.  Don’t let this happen to you!

We may or may not have the answer to your college financing problems, but don’t you think it’s worth a phone call and a couple of minutes of your time to find out? There is no obligation, and if nothing else, you’ll learn a great deal about the college financial aid and admissions process.  So pick up the phone and call us now.  You can reach us at 631
-864-3688.  Our normal business hours are from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday.  We do have evening hours available.

Why Are We Making You This Generous Offer?

Because we have a feeling that once you see how much money and time we can save you, there’s a very good chance that you will end up becoming one of our next happy customers.

Remember, scholarships and financial aid are awarded on a first come-first served basis.  So, it is imperative that you start your planning immediately since waiting can severely limit your chances of receiving the maximum amount of money available!

So, pick up the phone and call us now at 631-864-3688.  We’ll be waiting to hear from you…

Jan and Tony Esposito
P.S. Remember, the FREE $250 consultation offer is only valid for 21 days from the time you receive this free report.  After that, you will have to pay our normal hourly fee of $250 (which is still a bargain).  So pick up the phone and call us at 631-864-3688 to schedule your FREE no obligation consultation today!

P.P.S. If you are still skeptical, please read the following testimonials.  The bottom line on this type of service is results – and as you will see, we performed well above our clients’ wildest expectations!

Here’s what some of our clients had to say:

“I am thrilled that Amy will be attending Colgate University in the fall with a full athletic scholarship, which will cover 90% of her first year expenses!  Your projections on our financial package were “on the money”.  There is no question that your participation has facilitated this whole process and assisted in reducing my financial obligations to a less stressful and much more manageable amount.”
_  Mr. John D.

“Your help has enabled my son to attend any of the 8 out of 10 colleges and universities he has applied to.  Your help in correcting our mistakes and re-filing the FAFSA and CSS Profile was essential. He ended up securing a $16,553 grant over 4 years from Indiana University – his #1 choice!”
_  Mrs. Toby D.

“ Your help in explaining our special family situation to Boston University brought back the $9000 scholarship that we thought was lost forever.  My son and I can’t thank you enough!
_ Mr. Mitchell B.

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