Jan and Tony's Platinum College Coaching Plan... 

 Comprehensive College Admission, Career, Grant, Scholarship, and Education Guidance.

The convenience of having all 11 of the college planning tools you need in one package makes this comprehensive service the best option at the lowest cost...

The Platinum Coaching Plan includes the following:

1.  Guidance  - Access to our comprehensive guidance,  education, and career planning resource. Included is a 150 page workbook and guide. You also receive  monthly updates and monthly college planning calendar, one-on-one counseling, and  unlimited access.

2.   SAT / ACT Online Test Prep - Diagnostic evaluation, and personalized curriculum to effectively prepare your student for standardized tests. This program can be used on it's own or as a supplement to your own tutoring or test preparation class.  

3.  Essay Editing and College Application Review - Includes application and essay review and editing by our highly experienced Collegechannel editors!

4.  Personal College Search - one-on-one counseling identifies colleges that are the best academic, social, cultural and financial fit for your student!

5.  Merit Scholarship Search- Learn how to position yourself, locate, apply, and qualify for the most collegiate scholarship money available!

6.  FAFSA, CSS Profile, IDOC, State, Verification and Institutional Aid Forms - we assist you in completing your forms the fastest and most efficent way possible!

7.  Financial Aid Award Analysis - review your awards so that schools don't under-award you and you lose money!

8.  Negotiations and Appeals of Financial Aid Packages - We guide you through the appeal process so you receive the best package they have to offer!

9.  Student and Parent  Loan advice - Help with student and parent loans, if needed!

10.  Telephone and e-mail  access and support - unlimited telephone and e-mail consultations with us! 

11.  Acces to our Collegechannel.net website - Password protected access to your account.

The Platinum Coaching  Plan

Enroll in our most comprehensive plan using one of our convenient monthly E-Z pay options:

10  E-Z pays of  $ 370 each
  8  E-Z pays of  $ 460 each
  5  E-Z pays of  $ 730 each

One payment option only $3,600

Scholarships, Grants, Federal work-study, Federal Direct Student and Parent PLUS loans are all considered financial aid.

Colleges require that renewal financial aid forms be completed each year to re-qualify for aid. To help you meet this requirement our Platinum Plan offers an optional annual renewal fee of only $300. This optional renewal fee guarantees your child ongoing access to all of our services and completion of all required renewal financial aid forms for only $300.

Sibling discount - $1,600 for each additional sibling enrolled in the plan.


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