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Dear Parent,

      Your decision to get this book and interactive course is probably going to turn out to be the smartest financial move you've ever made!

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      Consider This:  The secrets revealed in Chapter #1 will show you how to avoid making the 10 deadliest mistakes most parents make when applying for college funding.

      And This:  The secret in Chapter #6 will reveal the 8 vital questions you must ask colleges before applying for financial aid.  (Failure to ask any one of these questions could cost you a fortune!)

      And This:  The secret revealed in Chapter #9 that will show you how to negotiate the best possible financial aid package for your child. (Yes, you really can negotiate with colleges and get $2,000 - $5,000 more per year just by knowing how to do this!)

      And This:  The Work Book and Interactive Course you and your child will receive has been tested, completed and used successfully by 1,000's of people just life you. We will show you how to improve your childs PSAT/SAT/ACT test scores. Also complete a personality assessment that will lead you to discover potential career paths that could provide you with a 6 figure income and a world class life style. Once you are awaken to these possibilities you can research  college majors, and the course load you will need to complete to gain that prestigious degree. Throughout your time in our course you will be tutored, coached, and guided every step of the way. Apon completion of the course you will have a comprehensive list of colleges that  match your pofile and have a guide post to help you graduate from the most prestigious college with the least amount of debt.

      And This: The secrets in the other 10 chapters should remove almost every other mental or financial roadblock that has prevented you from thinking you can afford to send your child to the college of their choice.    

  Now Listen:  Somewhere along the line, you're going to realize the information in this book and course is literally worth thousands of dollars, and you're going to wonder if you can really make use of this material without any help. Let me assure you that you certainly can. The reason is rather interesting.  You see, we have already helped 1000's of families just like yours with our fee-based college counseling service.  We have proven that the information in this book and course really works, so use it and see for yourself how you can truly send your child to a prestigious college without going broke.

   Just remember this could  be one of the most hectic and stressful times of your life. You must think clearly, stay focused, and work very hard in order to be profitable at this game. Sometimes having a coach on the sidelines reviewing your progress and giving you helpful tips can make all the difference in your outcome. We are just a phone call or email message away. Call us at (631) 864-3688 and let us know if you need any help.

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            Yours In College Funding Success,

            Jan and Tony Esposito   

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