Professional completion of your financial aid forms...

 The Financial Aid Plan includes the following:

1.  Initial Data gathering session - During this meeting all the necessary financial information will be 

2.  FAFSA completion - We assist you in completing your FAFSA!

3.  CSS Financial aid profile and if required the Non-custodial parent form completion - We assist
     you in completing 
this form and coordinate with FAFSA and the non-custodial parent if required, so 
     there are no 
discrepancies the colleges can question!

4.  TAP, Excelsior Scholarship, IDOC, and Institutional Financial aid forms completed - so that 
      all requirements are met and you receive all the aid you are eligible for!

5.  Correct your Student Aid Report (SAR) - If you are submitting your admissions application early
     decision (ED) or early action (EA) your FAFSA will have to be filed using estimates. The FAFSA 
     must be corrected so that you maximize your eligibility for all aid!

6.  Assist with the Verification process - colleges now require that the FAFSA form be verified utilizing
     the IRS (DRT) upload tool. Your FAFSA will be verified by uploading information directly from the
     IRS into the FAFSA form. Once completed this step will minimize the chances that you will be subject to
     additional dependent verification and non-filer forms!

7.  Review your financial aid awards - to see that you were awarded all available aid!

8.  Student and Parent Loans - Advice including assistance with applying for federal direct loans if

9.  Telephone and e-mail access and support - Unlimited telephone and e-mail consultations with us!

Enroll in our Financial Aid Plan using our convenient monthly E-Z pay option:

Two E-Z pays of $ 408 each  or   Single pay of  $795   (Additional student only $200) 

Colleges require that renewal financial aid forms be completed each year to re-qualify for aid. Annual renewal fee to complete all required forms only $375

You may pay your fee by check or credit card.


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