Here is what others have to say about Jan and Tony's services...

I was worried about preparing to get into college, but your service made the whole process easy and fun. I especially liked the  way you were there for us every step of the way. Thanks!
Dean DeMarco

We were dreading the thought of having to help our son write his essay. Your Harvard editing team helped him find his own voice and polish his essay to perfection.
Glen and Jill Techer

Your help has enabled my son to attend any of the 8 out of 10 colleges and universities he has applied to.  Your help in correcting our mistakes and re-filing the FAFSA and CSS Profile was essential. He ended up securing a $16,553 grant over 4 years from Indiana University – his #1 choice!
Mrs. Toby D.

Your help in explaining our special family situation to Boston University brought back the $9000 scholarship that we thought was lost forever.  My son and I can’t thank you enough!
Mr. Mitchell B.

Dear Jan and Tony,
Edwin and I would like to thank you for all the support, guidance, knowledge and expertise that you provided us with in this new and exciting chapter of his life.
You guided us in the right direction. Your telephone calls and e-mails reassured us that everything would work out. You gave me hope when I didn't know what to do. It was especially difficut because Edwin was so undecided on what school he wanted to attend.
I thought that private schools were beyond my reach. When I saw the cost of private schools, I wondered how a single parent could afford the tuition. You made our dreams come true when you explained and guided us to make sure we applied to private schools with the community colleges and state schools.
Dreams really do come true. I hope that more minority parents and students attend your seminars. Thank you.
Lexy A. Mealing & Edwin Hueca

Happy holidays Tony and Jan!  I'm not sure if you remember my daughter tracy carpenter, just wanted to let you know she is just spending her last nite as i sit here typing to you at Stonehill College in MA.  She has completed her 4 yrs there, and will gradute in the ceremony in may 06! she finished a semester early, has found an apartment in MA. and is now seeking employment! she had a wonderful experience at Stonehill, did well, traveled  abroad, made lifetime friends and is looking ahead to a wonderful and successful life!  I just wanted to thank you once again for all your help when our journey started back in  2001! Tony you were such a big help to my husband Larry and I when we were trying to figure out how to start this new chapter in our life! we wanted nothing but the best for our daughter tracy, and you were there every step of the way with all your wisdom to set us on the right path!  So we wish you and your family a wonderful holiday and a safe new year!!
Thank you
Donna & Larry Carpenter

This information is a must for any college-bound family committed to paying for college without going broke.
Susan Owens, librarian

The key to our success was starting early and following your proven success  formula. I am glad we didn't listen to everyone that told us we could do this all on our own without any help.
Ron and Terri Kaufman

First let me say that you guys were great to do business with. You were always pleasant, helpful and extremely knowledgeable. I constantly praise your service whenever involved in a conversation regarding college bound students. I think Marist is an excellent choice for Nicholas and I know your imput had much to do with his choice.
Al Romanelli

It was two days before Christmas vacation and our brilliant underachieving senior had not, could not, would not complete his college applications. Jan and Tony arrived at 4:00PM and would not leave until the entire process was complete, envelopes were addressed, stuffed, stamped, and ready for mailing. Applications were submitted electronically and SAT scores were forwarded to SUNY and small elite world class schools we would never have ventured to consider, with substantial prospects for scholarship money and financial aid. For six hours, Jan and Tony engaged our son with patience, warmth, humor, and determination. They re-opened doors and avenues to colleges we never would have considered, and sparked genuine interest and intrigue in the possibilities that still lie ahead. Jan and Tony are the Anthony Robbins of the college process.
Janis Morrow

  I'd like to personally thank the both of you for all of your help this past year.  Looking back, the entire job of getting Jessica into a college of her choice was both emotionally and financially demanding, draining and in general, an enormous task!  You were supportive in both areas and  I would not have been as successful without your help.  Although Jessica took it upon herself to investigate schools, fill out applications and meet deadlines, I required a great deal of guidance on the financial end.  To this day I believe that we received the best financial package in every school as a direct result of your advise.

I must also tell you that Jessica is thrilled at The University of Miami.  It is definitely her "home away from home."  The education, activities, and level of support at the school has been better then either of us anticipated.

Sincerely, Gail Alio    

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