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Advising the College-Bound Family

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So you haven't saved for college, but you have a kid smart enough for Yale. Or maybe you put some money away but not enough for Princeton. Or maybe you're divorced or separated and your whole financial portfolio is pretty much limited to necessary life insurance and an IRA or 401K plan. Virtually all the family income goes for everyday living, but there's a child ready for college - any college.

These and similar scenarios abound in many families across America. What can you do? How can you get help?

Jan and Tony Esposito are a dynamic husband and wife team, and are here to help. Jan and Tony live in Commack, NY. They have coached hundreds of parents through high school and public library workshops and their independent fee-based practice.

"When parents come to us, they have pretty much done their savings or haven't done their savings." We're faced with making the most of a given situation and the solution is to roll up your sleeves and get to know the parents and students quickly so you can implement stategies that get immediate results.

Dollars Left on the Table

No matter what the situation, most families stand a good chance of getting financial aid, but it takes work and perseverance.

There's so much misunderstanding about financial aid, and it is perpetrated by people who don't understand the system and failed at it. Someone will tell a friend of generally similar financial means "we didn't get financial aid so you're not gonna get financial aid".

Truth is that thousands of dollars are left on the table because families aren't taking advantage of the opportunities.

Why is that?

Because it's an onerous application process. There are lots of forms, lots of deadlines and you have to understand the language. There is federal money, state money, college money, and private money. You have to deal with all these sources and see how they integrate. And the deeper you get into it, the more involved it gets. And it's a four, five, six, or more year process

Tony focuses on financial aid, Jan works at getting students admitted to colleges they like - or those best suited for their aspirations. This involves analyzing the college,helping students position themselves, resume building and preparing for the SAT tests and essay. Jan has an M.A. from NYU and is a member of the NYS Association for College Admissions Counseling.

Most American families fit into one of three financial aid categories:
  1. Eligible for need-based aid at most schools, private or state.
  2. Eligible for need-based aid at most private universities, but not at state schools.
  3. Not eligible for need-based aid at any school, private or state.

Regardless of the category you are in, Jan and Tony have proven strategies and planning options that help maximize eligibility for financial aid and scholarships and help pay for college on a tax-favored basis.