" Lola graduated from Smith with a double major in computer and engineering and I couldn't be more proud. I want to thank you for helping us find the perfect college for Lola, a school where she has thrived in all ways. And now she's off to  a job in Mastercard's Tech Lab that starts this August. Four years have flown by so quickly and we appreciate your support along the way. Hoping all is going well with both of you and with your son and daughter too. Stay healthy and safe and we have really valued our work with you over the years."
- Joanne

" Nicole is graduating from Quinnipiac with a Masters in OT, 5 1/2 years. She will do her clinical's now and take out her own loan. Jonathan is an engineer working in Miami doing well. Michael is doing government contract work, engineering tech at Fort Totten. We thank you for all your help thru the years. The referrals we have sent you over the years are all singing your praises." 
- Guy and Joan

"On behalf of GEAR UP, the students, and of course, myself, I want to thank you for an excellent presentation. 
I loved  the informal conversation you had with the students. Both classes were very engaged and seemed to be learning while having fun.  The information you deliver is important and powerful.

I am grateful for the time you spent and your generosity volunteering to come to Hempstead High School and speak with our GEAR UP 9th grade students.

I wish you continued success with College Channel and all the work you do to ensure young people gain admission to college and learn ways to be able to pay for it."
- Jan F.

" I can't say enough about my experience working with you. If it was not for you guys, I'm sure I would not have qualified for the Family of Freedom's World Trade Center Scholarship and Jennifer would not be attending college with almost no out of pocket cost. It's amazing how it all worked out and I really appreciate you going the extra mile to make this happen. I look forward to working with you until Jennifer graduates."

- John

" You are a whiz at the FAFSA and all things financial aid! We couldn't have done this without you."
- Karen

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