"Everyone thought I was crazy when I told them I was going to hire College Consultants to help us get our daughter into a prestigious private university and pay the same cost as a state college.

That's just what happened and we saved $96,567..."

5 Simple reasons why you should start working with an educational consultant now:

  1. We are knowledgeable. This is our lifeblood. Our knowledge is based on fact. It is based on insights drawn from experience with different colleges, different schools, and different kids.
  2. We network. Most people make false assumptions about certain colleges and about the financial aid process itself. Assumptions must be shared so that realities are unearthed. It is not "cool" to know everything. It is "cool to be inquiring and share knowledge.
  3. We cooperate. We are part of a group that includes, at its core, school based counselors, college admissions personnel and financial aid officers. It is important to realize the inter-relations and cooperation that is needed to make a family's educational goals a reality.
  4. We adhere to ethical principles. This is so central to our mission. Many people think that if they fudge a little, no one will know. Please be aware that the educational community is watching. Carefully.
  5. We recognize our responsibility and take it seriously. We have a responsibility to each student we see. We are hired for our wisdom, insights, and sound perspective. Our obligation is to find the best in our clients and give all that we are capable of giving.

By working with independent educational consultants you take control of the admissions, scholarship, and financial aid process. Through our assessments you will understand where you are today. We will help you develop strategies that will take you to where you want to be in the future.

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